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Who Are We?

This is a list of our employees, and what they do.  For help finding who to contact about what, you should check this page.

Tina Baker does policy issuance for Scottsdale, Western Heritage, Lloyds of London Companies, Markel International, and National Casualty Co. policies.

Terry Bohnenkamp is the Vice President of Heritage General and he heads up Commercial Auto and Garage Liability Underwriting.  In addition, Terry is a renewal underwriter for all classes of business.  Contact Terry with any questions pertaining to Commercial Auto or Garage Policies.

David Nye is a commercial underwriter.  David handles all of Heritage's IT and tech needs, in addition to marketing.  You may contact David with underwriting, technical, or other questions.

Martin Nye is the President of Heritage General Agency.  He can help you with all of your questions about doing business with us.  He also underwrites many of our programs and classes.  You may contact Martin with any questions you may have.

Kathi VanCleave does claims, bookkeeping, and licensing for Heritage General Agency in addition to personal lines underwriting.  Contact Kathi with any general questions you may have, or to find the right underwriter for your question.

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